Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cryptelytrops Rubeus

Cryptelytrops rubeus is new found venomous snake discovered near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and some areas in Cambodia. Snakes of Cryptelytrops group were familiar to scientists already, but this one differs from the others with the red eyes. They continue with the genetic researches, but the information they posses are not enough. Unfortunately, they believe that these snakes are already endangered.

A ruby-eyed green pit viper raises its head in southern Vietnam’s Cat Tien National Park in May 2000. The park is a stronghold for the new snake species, which inhabits a rather small geographic range where pressures on forests are high. It's not known how well the snake might adapt to other habitats, so it's not clear whether the ruby-eyed green pit viper should be considered an endangered species.

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